Hi there, and thanks for visiting.

These ‘about me’ pages are funny, huh? I’m not an award winner or featured in glossy anything.

This is called Merith’s Miscellany because my name is Merith and this is a Miscellany. I’m quite literal sometimes.

I write about all kinds of stuff, a lot but not all family/kid related. Mainly stuff that interests me or I think is fun or useful. I’ve managed to make a couple of moderately successful crafty things. I’ve been sent a few nice things to write about, and I write about nice things I’ve bought myself. I also have no qualms about saying that something’s crap if I think it is. 

I play the violin, though I earn a lot less from doing that than I used to. I’ve played with some cool people so can drop some names, but they probably won’t be recognized by anyone under 30.  

I’ve recently joined a couple of affiliate programs*, on the off chance that people clicking on a few links in my posts will net me an amount of money that’s dimly visible to the naked eye. So if you’ve gotten this far, go click on some links and get all those yummy cookies on your computer that might earn me about 3p if you buy something.

I have a twisted sense of humor that I don’t use online because it would probably get me into trouble.

I’m the photographer in our family, which is why I have a million shots of my husband and daughter and about five of myself.

I rarely wear makeup because I’m lazy, and because I’m so used to seeing my naked face I get slightly freaked out by my features looking all defined and glamorous. Also I’m crap at putting on makeup.

I like lifting weights, wine, coffee, politics, friendly arguments, attempting to be crafty, and reading the Spectator and Private Eye in the loo.

I have a gorgeous husband who’s a goddam genius violinist and all-round hot shit.

I have a fabulous daughter who’s smart, funny, imaginative, and needs a lot of help keeping her room tidy.

If you’d like to drop me a line you can email merithsmiscellany@gmail.com. 

If you’re interested in collaborating with me (or ‘for collabs’ Instagram-speak) you can find my press kit here.

Merith's Miscellany About Me

Here I am with coffee and an example of something I find funny. I was very jetlagged and wearing no makeup when this picture was taken. The quality is also a bit crap because it’s from Instagram. Also I’m not affiliated with Nespresso or anything. I just like love it.


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