Cosy Candles Wax Melts – June 2018

I love my home to smell delicious and inviting, and I’m fortunate to be trying out a Cosy Pod Wax Melt subscription box from Cosy Candles. Each month you receive a box containing six large soy wax melts, each with a different fragrance. 

Cosy Candles Review June 2018 wax melts subscription box

The box itself is sent in a jiffy bag, which protects it nicely. It is also flat enough to fit through the mailbox.

Cosy Candles Review June 2018 wax melts subscription box

Inside, everything is attractively wrapped. On top is the menu giving this month’s fragrances. This June we have Dark Amber & Ginger, Peony & Blush, Lemon Sherbet, Fresh Linen, Pink Champagne, and Seaweed & Juniper

Cosy Candles Review June 2018 wax melts subscription box

Unwrap the tissue and there they are. Like I said, they are really remarkably large, 10cm wide and 2 cm thick, and weighing 80g each.  

There are two different ways to use wax melts: an electric melter and a tealight-based melter. I like the aesthetic of a tealight, but for safety reasons many homes don’t use naked flames. These melts also work beautifully in an electric melter. This means you can have the olfactory pleasures of scented candles without the hazards.

Cosy Candles Review June 2018 wax melts subscription box

The melts are so big that I have to break them into pieces to fit into my wax melter! This lovely green one is the Seaweed & Juniper, which smells fresh and botanical.

The wax melts quite quickly, and while the scent is strong it’s not overpowering. It remains at just the right level.

Cosy Candles claims that each wax melt will last for 80 hours, giving you a total of 480 hours of fragrance per box. This basically means you can have a wax melt on the go for around 17 hours a day every day of the month until you run out. At that point you get the next month’s box through the door!

I think all this month’s scents are delicious. My favourite scent this month is the Dark Amber & Ginger, in fact I’m using it as I type! Runner up favourite are Seaweed & Juniper and Pink Champagne. You may not be surprised to learn that my daughter’s favorite is the Lemon Sherbet!

While I haven’t timed it with any accuracy, the wax I have melted so far retains its fragrance for an astonishingly long time. I can well believe each one would last for 80 hours.

As an extra bonus, these melts are made from soy wax, which contains no toxic chemicals, and is safe for the environment as well as for your family and pets. The colours and fragrances are paraben free and vegan.

There are few things more comforting in a home than a gently scented atmosphere. Wax melts are a terrific way of producing a fragranced home, and with Cosy Candles you never need worry about running out! 


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If you like my wax melter, it’s from Yankee Candle! 

Cosy Candles Review June 2018 wax melts subscription box


Here’s some blurb for you:

Wax Melts – Monthly Subscription Box

If you love high-quality soy wax melts, look no further than our Cosy Pod subscription box. With 6 handcrafted, surprise scents through your letterbox every month the only problem you’ll face is deciding which scent to use first! All of our subscription boxes fit through your letterbox so you’ll always be able to get your delivery even if you’re not home.

When signing up to our subscription box you will receive:

A surprise selection of 6 highly scented soy wax melts
Each wax melt is its own unique scent
Dimensions of each Cosy Pod: 100mm wide and 20mm high
Each Cosy Pod weighs approximately 80g
That’s approximately 480 hours of fragrance per box!
Your subscription will automatically renew each month on the date you sign up. You can expect to receive your box within 5-7 days of payment. Delivery is free and you can cancel your subscription at any time (no sooner than 7 days before your renewal date) so there’s no commitment needed. We’re certain you’ll love our highly scented Cosy Pod wax melts as much as we do!










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