Handmade Believe in the Magic Card – My Greeting Box

The June My Greeting Box had such a magical theme that I’ve been dying to make one of the beautiful fairy cards! Time has been so short as it’s nearly the end of term and we’re going away, but I’ve finally managed to find an opportunity to play with all the pretty stamps and sparkly things.

Magic fairy card tutorial diy my greeting box

It was difficult to choose which card to make, but I decided to go for the Believe in the Magic card. It has sparkles, fairies, and colouring, perfect!

Magic fairy card tutorial diy my greeting box

First, figuring out where the fairy is going to be placed, and making the wavy design. The picture on the front of the instruction sheet is very useful for reference! 

Magic fairy card tutorial diy my greeting box

Now it was time to create the other two background colours. The top piece of the pink card cutouts was used as a template to cut out the blue card. Then a piece of the white card (which is actually pearly, though you can’t tell from the picture) was cut out to fill up the space inbetween. When it was all stuck together with the trusty double sided sellotape (essential for cardmaking!) I sprayed it with the shimmer spray. Again, you can’t really see the effect from the picture, but it looks lovely.

Magic fairy card tutorial diy my greeting box

It’s stamping time! As you can see I did more than one stamp. I find it’s essential to have backups, either because it smudges, doesn’t pick up the ink properly, or I screw up the colouring. In this instance, I managed to colour everything in on the first go! I used my trusty Staedtler fineliners, which have lots of lovely bold colours. I also followed the colours on the guide picture more or less, as I don’t quite trust myself to go off piste with the colouring yet!

Aren’t the stamps pretty?

Magic fairy card tutorial diy my greeting box

There was a bit more stamping now, this time the sentiment. Instead of the black ink (from the very first box back in November) this used a gorgeous pink metallic inkpad. There was also a silver inkpad in the April box, so it’s nice to have another one! Metallic ink is different from the regular colours, it’s thicker and stickier. 

As you can see, I didn’t make the space between the blue and pink card quite big enough, so the sentiment overlaps slightly. I don’t think it matters, though.

Once that was done, it was time to add the cutout and coloured-in stamps. Let me tell you, cutting those things out is fraught with peril! I’m always terrified I’m going to slip with the scissors and have to start all over again, but I managed to finish without incident. 

The instructions suggested sticking the cutouts on with a mixture of tape and foam pads, to add a little bit of a 3D raised effect. I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture, but I used the foam pads for the fairy and the snail. I also ended up using tape and PVA glue for the dandelion, as it was too thin to tape on. 

Magic fairy card tutorial diy my greeting box

Finally, the finishing touches! I added some sequins and sparkles, all the time very grateful for the very thin nozzle on the PVA bottle! Then the whole thing was stuck onto a piece of navy card, and then onto a white card blank.

Magic fairy card tutorial diy my greeting box

And there it is! I decided to take it out into the garden to photograph, as it seemed a likely place for fairies to hang out. 


The fairy designs in the June box are so lovely, and as always, I thoroughly enjoyed making this one. I think it’s the most intricate one I’ve made so far, and both the colouring and cutting out required even more concentration than usual!

Every My Greeting Box card I’ve ever made has turned out beautifully. Any mistakes have been entirely my own, as the instructions are superb.

I like this design because it’s not tied to a particular celebration. It could be sent for any reason or no reason at all. Handmade cards are such a gift, and it’s a wonderful way of showing someone you’re thinking of them.

Even though there were a few nervous moment, the process of making something so pretty is thoroughly enjoyable.

If you feel like you have a creative side that you’re not quite sure how to bring out, this is a great place to start!


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