How much do the baubles cost?

Basic price is £5.75 per bauble. This is for one name and one single colour bow.

There’s a 5% discount on the base price for eight or more. 

Additional lettering/designs/ribbons (see below) cost more. There are many possibilities, just contact me to discuss your requirements!

How does ordering and payment work?

You fill out the order form. I’ll email confirmation and then send a Paypal invoice. If you require any extras, we discuss over email and come to an agreement. Once the invoice is paid, I’ll get to work. I’ll keep you updated, and let you know when your baubles are ready to go in the mail.

There is space for eight baubles on the order form. If you would like to order more, just say so in the ‘anything else’ section.

No changes can be made once the invoice is paid.

Why do I have to pay in advance?

Because these are bespoke ornaments, made for you, according to the choices you have made for names, colours, and ribbons. If I make it, then you change your mind and don’t want to pay, I can’t sell it to anyone else.

How do you send the baubles?

They are sent via Royal Second Class Small Parcel Service, for which I add £3.60 to the cost of your baubles.

If you would like faster shipping, that’s totally fine, I’ll send you the price. Second class is simply to keep costs down.

If you place a large order, 12 or more baubles, or baubles plus a countdown, a bigger parcel may require more postage. Again, this will be done on an individual basis and I will keep you fully up-to-date. 

Right now I don’t have the margins to send them in beautiful presentation boxes with a sprinkle of Christmas magic. The packaging will not be aesthetically pleasing and I reuse boxes and packing material from Amazon et al.

However, your items will be beautiful and well protected, so they won’t come to any harm. Please reuse or recycle any packaging you can!

What’s the turnaround time?

At least a week. If I’ve got the correct colours already available, it may take a little less time, but baubles are made to order. The glitter and name design process takes some time.

Do I have to use names?

Personalisation can really be anything you want! Granny, Mummy, Daddy, Booboo etc. 

Do you do special characters?

Yes, I’ve got the full array of special characters available, so names such as Chloë, Françoise, and Renée are not a problem. 

Can you add a date or event?

Yes. Any extra details will go on the opposite side of the bauble. The year, such as 2022, can be included in the price. There will be a charge for anything more complex, for example, ‘First Christmas’ on one side and the name on the other. See special design orders here.

Contact me to discuss and we’ll see what we can figure out!

Can you add two names together? Like a couple? 

Yes. Very long names such as ‘Wilhelmina & Maximiliano’ might pose a challenge, but I can definitely make it work. There will be an extra charge for this.

How about name + surname?

Yes. Depending on length and number of names, it might be done on the front of the bauble, or all the way round. The bauble circumference is around 9″, so that should fit. Again, there will be an extra charge, depending on complexity.

Why do you charge extra for these?

Because I design all the names individually. It takes time, and bringing more than one name or a special event into the mix makes it much more complicated and time-consuming. It also uses more materials.

Why do you use shatterproof baubles?

Because children, pets, and boozy Christmas parties exist. If my baubles are dropped/knocked by an overexcited child or dog (or possibly a squiffy adult) they won’t explode into tiny lethal shards of glass that you will be finding with your feet well into the new year.

But that means they’re plastic, and I don’t like plastic; glass is much more eco-friendly.

OK, I understand, but these are not meant to be bought and discarded, they are meant to be keepsakes. While I can’t promise they’ll still be around for your great-great grandchildren to enjoy, they’re certainly not disposable, and should last you a long time.

Also, broken glass cannot be recycled. So if you break a glass ornament (and it’s really easy to do because they’re very fragile) it will go in the bin with the rest of your garbage. 

However, if you a desperate to have glass, contact me and we’ll sort it out, though the pricing structure will be different from the shatterproof baubles.

What’s your favourite colour combination?

Ooooh, it’s really hard to say. I love the white lettering on red, it’s really festive and bright. But I also think white on black with a plaid bow looks really striking.



If you have any more questions, let me know!