Minecraft Gifts for Kids

Do you have a Minecraft kid? Even if you don’t, Minecraft has become so hugely popular among kids that at some point you’re likely to need to buy a Minecraft gift for someone. Christmas, birthday, Hanukkah, reward, bribery, whatever.

Hell, adults love Minecraft too, no need to limit your options. Minecraft can be enjoyed by any age!

I myself have a child who adores Minecraft, and with both a birthday and Christmas on the horizon, I got to thinking about stuff she might like.

With that in mind, here is my list of Minecraft gifts for kids.

Just so you know, I’m not planning on actually buying all of this stuff. But I bet she wishes I would.

One more thing: this post contains affiliate links. If you actually buy anything by clicking through from this post, I make a microscopic amount of money. Which I *might* spend on gifts for my Minecraft-loving daughter. But then again, I might not. If you don’t have Amazon Prime, you can get a free trial by clicking here. It’s extremely useful when in a last minute gift-buying panic.

There are a wide range of prices here, so if you have an idea of budget, just click on the category. Otherwise just scroll down and be inspired!

under £10 | under£20 | under £30 | over £30


Under £10 (perfect for stocking fillers or smaller gifts)


Minecraft: Minecoins Pack: 1720 Coins | For all Platforms

Firstly, if you just want to give something to use in the actual Minecraft game, you can get Minecraft: Minecoins Pack: 1720 Coins For all Platforms. This isn’t a physical product but a code, and minecoins can be used to buy texture packs, skins, maps, and more.





Minecraft Top Trumps

Top Trumps has a set on pretty much any subject, and Minecraft Top Trumps is no exception!




Minecraft-Inspired Gaming Personalised Keyring

Personalised items are always fun to have, so this Minecraft-Inspired Gaming Personalised Keyring would be terrific for bags or keys.


Minecraft Basic Panda Plush

Most Minecraft plushes are pushing £15 at least, but this cute Minecraft Panda Plush is only £10.99.


Minecraft Annual 2024

Here’s the official Minecraft Annual 2024. It’s packed full of activities, puzzles, builds, and all fun things Minecraft.




Unofficial Minecraft Secrets & Cheats Annual 2020

My daughter has the 2019 version of the Unofficial Minecraft Secrets & Cheats Annual 2020. By all accounts it’s fantastic, lots of tips and ideas, plus puzzles and games.



There are several assorted official Minecraft guidebooks that all cost under a tenner:

Guide to Exploration, Guide to CreativeGuide to Redstone, Guide to Enchantments and Potions, Guide to The Nether and The End, and Guide to PVP Minigames


Under (or around) £20

Character World Official Minecraft 'Creeper' Rug 80 x 80 cm Square Bedroom Rug Matches Bedding

An Official Minecraft ‘Creeper’ Rug on the floor! Perfect for brightening up a bedroom or games room.


But if you don’t mind, or you want a wider range of designs here are a few more.


Minecraft Dynamite Single Duvet Cover Officially Licensed Reversible Two Sided Creeper Design with Matching Pillowcase

A Minecraft Dynamite Single Duvet Cover Officially Licensed Reversible Two Sided Creeper Design.


Minecraft Reversible Single Duvet Cover Set, Polyester-Cotton, Blue

Another fun duvet design, a Minecraft ‘Good Guys’ Duvet Set.

You can get this one in a double version too, and it’s actually under £20!


Minecraft Insulated Lunch Bag with Water Bottle for Kids


Packed lunch for school? How about a Minecraft Creeper Kids Lunch Box. It’s got a handle, shoulder strap, and water bottle included.


Minecraft Pencil Case for Kids School Supplies Filled Large Pencil Case
Continuing the school theme, a Minecraft Pencil Case. This one is filled with pencils, rulers, and other assorted stationery goodies.


Pickaxe and Mask Minecraft Role Play

If the kids get bored of virtual mining, they can have a go in the real world with a Pickaxe and Mask Minecraft Role Play Set. This is fun for cosplay too. (See costumes in the under £30 section below.)


If your kids are into cute stuff there are a ton of Minecraft Plush Toys. Personally, we have way too many stuffed animals, but there will be plenty of kids who would be delighted with a Creeper Plush, Sheep Plush, or even a Zombie Plush.

Minecraft Alex Plush

Oh, and while there may not be an Alex costume, there is an Alex plush! I’d definitely be on board with this one.



For physical Minecraft play, Lego does some excellent Minecraft sets.

There are plenty out there, and you can spend a lot (like with all Lego) but I think the The Skeleton Dungeon Set, The End Arena, Player-vs-Player Battle Playset, and The Swamp Adventure are both fun and reasonably priced.

There are also a ton of Minecraft Kids’ Clothes out there, too many to list. You can click here to see a huge variety, including t-shirts, pyjamas, dressing gowns etc. Most are under £20, even things like hoodies.

One warning (excuse brief rant). They are virtually all listed as Boys’ clothing. If you’re buying for a girl, please don’t be put off by this sexist crap. Every search I’ve made for Minecraft kids clothes has been stuffed with items labelled for boys. One day these bloody marketing people will realise that clothes are just clothes, and girls like Minecraft too! In the meantime take a look at Let Clothes Be Clothes. And buy any clothes you think your daughter or son will like, regardless of the label.

Under £30

Minecraft Build Cube Shaped Cushion Pillow Bean Bag, Cotton, Green, 40 x 40 x 40 cm

A Build Cube Beanbag. It’s 40 x 40 x 40, so big enough for kids to be comfortable.





Minecraft Creative Mode 100% Cotton Single Duvet Cover Set - Includes Pillowcase

I like this Minecraft Creative Mode Duvet Cover & Pillowcase because it’s 100% cotton. I hate sweaty polycotton. Almost all novelty kids’ bedding is polycotton, which I think is annoying.


This Minecraft Creeper Reversible Duvet Cover Set is very cool indeed.




Minecraft Blockopedia

The Minecraft Blockopedia is a brilliant book! It contains information on every single Minecraft block that exists. My daughter already has this, and loves it, it’s a terrific resource. Plus it’s a really cool shape.



Hacks for Minecrafters Box Set

This is a Hacks for Minecrafters Box Set. Six books which cover building, mods, combat, and plenty more. You can buy them individually, but this set is WAY better value.






Minecraft: The Survival Collection

Another box set here, Minecraft: The Survival Collection. This is an ‘official’ publication, and is a great guide especially for less experienced players. Or possibly parents who want to know what the hell is going on.




 Minecraft Moulded 3D Pickaxe Kids Backpack

Backpacks are cool, so your kid could carry all their crap around in this  Minecraft Moulded 3D Pickaxe Kids Backpack.


Minecraft Backpack & Lunch Box  5 Piece Set

Or for the full school kit in one, you could go for the Minecraft Backpack & Lunch Box  5 Piece Set, which includes a pencil case, lunch bag, plus a bunch of other cool stuff.



Minecraft Mojang Creeper Costume

Dress up as a Creeper! Perfect for Halloween or costume parties, and comes in a range of sizes.







Minecraft Classic Mojang Steve Costume, Blue

Continuing the dress-up theme, there are a ton of fun Minecraft costumes, including Diamond Armour, Skeleton, Steve (but pricey).

It’s super annoying there’s no Alex costume yet though.

Yes, there is finally an Alex costume! About bloody time too.









Over £30

Minecraft Wall Torch

It’s a wall torch!There aren’t any pictures of it in situ, but apparently it can be hung on the wall or set on a surface.






Now, if you’re feeling particularly flush or generous, there’s the Switch Lite, a smaller (and cheaper version) of the Nintendo Switch.NIntendo Switch Lite

As well as this simple grey version, you can also get it in turquoise, yellow, coral, and blue



Then all you need is Minecraft for Switch!

Thanks very much for reading. I hope you’re found some inspiration of Minecraft gifts for kids. Or grownups for that matter, I won’t tell…


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