Review: My Greeting Box – March 2018 The Card Making Subscription Box

This month’s My Greeting Box is full of beautiful Springtime colour, which more than makes up for the chilly grey weather! 

My Greeting Box Review March 2018

Even the box is cheerful, with lovely pink tape keeping it sealed up.

My Greeting Box Review March 2018

It’s packed and presented very well, and there’s even a note!

My Greeting Box Review March 2018

Here are this month’s designs. Don’t they look splendid? 

My Greeting Box Review March 2018

The instructions are always excellent, practically idiot-proof with helpful illustrations.

The technique for this month is watercolour!

My Greeting Box Review March 2018

Here are the four tubes of paint. It’s actually gouache rather than actual watercolour paint, but my Googling tells me that it is more heavily pigmented and is easier to work with. Suits me fine! There’s also a brush.

My Greeting Box Review March 2018

More acrylic stamps to add to my collection! I really like the the realistic-looking flowers. There are also some lovely sequins; the flower-shaped ones look particularly pretty.

 My Greeting Box Review March 2018

Here are the more practical items, some washi tape, glue, and sticky pads. Those little bottles of glue are really useful, as they come with a very fine nozzle ideal for sticking down tiny things.

I just realised I didn’t take a proper picture of all the cardstock, oops! You can see the yellow, green, and blue card in the backgrounds of the other pictures. There are also five blank cards with envelopes, white card, watercolour paper, and little clear envelopes to store your finished cards.

It’s so interesting to see what each month’s box brings, and I always have a wonderful time making the cards. You can see some of the ones I’ve made here.

Now, I have to admit that I’m feeling a little scared of the watercolours! However, I’m totally confident that the instructions will walk even a novice through it, and having looked at them, I’m less intimidated than when I first saw the designs.

They are also so beautiful that I’m going to try to get a them done for Easter (only a few weeks away!) as I think they will be perfect for Easter greetings! 

Having never made cards before receiving this box, I’m constantly amazed at what I’ve managed to produce. The cards really do look wonderful, and remarkably professional. I’ve not yet been brave enough to try making my own designs, but the ones in the box are so lovely I don’t think I could do any better! 

I think that this box comes with a great spirit of generosity. By that I mean that you get to enjoy the process of making the cards (it’s very therapeutic!) and then you get to give what you’ve made to someone you love. Handmade gifts are, I think, one of the nicest things to give.

Any crafty person would absolutely love this box, and it recently occurred to me it would make a wonderful gift for a creative teenager as well as an adult. And who knows, you might even get one of the designs back as a thank you card!


Here and Here are two of the designs I made from this box!

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My Greeting Box is a monthly package of card making supplies delivered straight to your door. Keep an eye out on our website and social media for sneak peeks about the theme and card designs! Every month you will get three card designs to recreate and materials to make even more cards!

All this for only £22 a month! And that’s not all… use the code FIRST25 at checkout for a 25% off your first box!










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  1. This looks like a really artsy and fun subscription box. I would have loved to see what you ended up making with the guache!
    Kanra Khan

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    1. It’s so much fun! I’m really looking forward to trying out the gouache. I’ll be posting the results on Instagram (@meriths_miscellany) as well as here. Thanks for reading! 💖

    2. Hi there, I’ve written posts about making the watercolour cards! Take a look in the My Greeting Box section! 💖 Also on Instagram 😃

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