My Greeting Box Step-By-Step – Dancing Lady Watercolour Card

I had such fun making the watercolour rain card from the August My Greeting Box, I decided to make another design!

This time I chose the Dancing Lady Watercolour Card. It used the same masking technique as the rain card, but it was definitely more challenging!

Cardmaking Step By Step My Greeting Box

After cutting the watercolour paper to the correct size, the dancing lady image was stamped onto a piece of the sticky post-it note. Now for the tricky bit.

Cardmaking Step By Step My Greeting Box

First the stamped image was cut out. This was remarkably fiddly, and I came close to tearing it a couple of times. Then the image was stamped once on the watercolour paper, using the special waterproof versafine ink.

When it had dried, the cut-out was placed VERY carefully over the stamped image. This prevented an overlap in the images as they were stamped next to each other. 

You can also see the sentiment has been stamped on the bottom right corner. 

Now I have to tell you, I made a mistake. Aaaargh.

I’d just stamped all four ladies, carefully masking each previous stamp. Very careful work. Not in a perfectly straight line, but I was pleased with how they looked, and how the masking had worked.

And then…

Cardmaking Step By Step My Greeting Box

I dropped the stamp! Of course it fell ink side down. And bounced slightly.

Under my beautiful stamped design there were several little pointed toes.


Cardmaking Step By Step My Greeting Box

But you know what? I had really worked hard on this. It’s not perfect, I could have lined them up a little better, but I think it still looked good. 

I really couldn’t face doing it all over again, so I made an executive decision to leave it.

So now, next step was the painting! I was really looking forward to this.

Cardmaking Step By Step My Greeting Box

The instructions said to start with the lightest colour on the right, and get gradually darker, using differing amounts of water, and white and purple gouache. 

I was a little nervous, because I had already had one semi-disaster, but it all worked beautifully. Then a tiny bit of watered down ochre and white for the flesh colour.

Top tip – save offcuts of watercolour paper to check your colours (see the bottom right of the picture.)

Then all there was left to do was cut out the purple backing and stick the whole thing onto a card blank.

This was definitely a bit of a technical challenge, but I enjoyed it tremendously. I love working with watercolour, especially as I’m such a novice. Creating the ombré and faded effects is very satisfying. 

It was annoying to have made a mistake, especially something as silly as dropping the stamp block. But I’ve certainly learned a lesson about being careful!

I found the instructions very clear and easy to follow. The picture on the instruction leaflet is a very useful guide; I referred to it often to ensure I was doing everything right.

There is always enough extra cardstock in the My Greeting Boxes to make more than one of each card, so I might do this one again and try not to be such a butterfingers!

In the meantime, I’m very pleased with how it’s turned out. It’s such a beautiful design, and I know this will be a special card for a special person.


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