Review: BOKKSU July 2018 Citrus Refresh

The hot weather has arrived, and Bokksu has selected a beautifully summery theme this month.

Bokksu review July 2018

Citrus Refresh! 

Bokksu review July 2018

The goodies this month feature marvellous flavours, including some specialist Japanese citrus fruits.

Bokksu review July 2018

Naturally there’s a full menu, with detailed descriptions and an allergy list.

Yuzu Green Tea Bokksu review July 2018

Yuzu Green Tea. Yuzu is widely cultivated in Japan, and has a remarkable flavour, somewhere between tangerine and grapefruit. It’s not eaten as a whole fruit, but is widely used as a seasoning. This tea adds its fresh, slightly tart flavour to regular green tea.

Olive Oil Senbei Yuzu Pepper Bokksu review July 2018

Olive Oil Senbei Yuzu Pepper. Olive Oil Senbei Yuzu Pepper. These senbei (crispy rice crackers) are from the same range as the Olive Oil Salt Herb & Vinegar Senbei featured in the May and November boxes. However instead of herbs and vinegar, these have a beautiful yuzu flavour together with the spicy pepper. Citrus and pepper combine beautifully, and used to great effect in these crunchy snacks.

Yuzu Candy Bokksu review July 2018

Yuzu Candy. This is the final yuzu item in the box, and is a sweet and sharp hard sugar candy. The fruit flavour is very distinct, and you can see actual bits of yuzu fruit in the candy itself. These were made exclusively for Bokksu!

Lemon Tokyo Rusk Bokksu review July 2018

Lemon Tokyo Rusk. Tokyo Rusk make regular appearances in Bokksu, and come in a remarkable variety of flavours. Japanese rusk is thinly sliced bread which is spread with sweet butter and baked twice until crisp. This is the lemon flavour, with the butter spread containing real lemon rind for a zesty taste.

Lemon Low Carb Cake Bokksu review July 2018

Lemon Low Carb Cake. Staying with the lemon fruit, here are two slices of deliciously moist cake. They have the additional bonus of being (slightly) lower carb than regular cake, as they are made with almond flour as well as regular wheat. They also have the tiniest hint of orange for depth of flavour.

Ofu Smoked Crackers & Peanuts Lemon Salt Flavour Bokksu review July 2018

Ofu Smoked Crackers & Peanuts Lemon Salt Flavour. We’ve got another savory lemon snack here, a mixture of tiny crackers and peanuts with a salty zesty coating. The crackers are made from Ofu, which is wheat gluten, a popular alternative to tofu. The December box also contained Ofu crackers, in a smoked variety. This lemon version is perfect for snacking on in the sunshine with a cold beer!

Hyuganatsu Jelly Bokksu review July 2018

Hyuganatsu Jelly. Hyuganatsu is a fruit that is less well known outside of Japan. Unlike the yuzu, it is eaten as a whole fruit. This little snack is tiny pots of jelly, with a sweet-sour taste of the fruit.

Mini Fried Rice Cracker Shiquasah Salt Bokksu review July 2018

Mini Fried Rice Cracker Shiquasah Salt. We have another unusual fruit here, the Shibquasah, a very sour citrus fruit that is native to Okinawa. These crunchy and moreish fried rice crackers are the same brand that was featured in the March box. While those were sweet, these are coated with soy sauce and shiquasah juice, and are wonderfully salty, tangy and savory. Another snack that would go very well with a cold drink.

Orange Stick Cake  Nakajima Taishodo Orange Stick Cake Bokksu review July 2018

Orange Stick Cake. These beautiful cake slices are made by Nakajima Taishodo, who also produced the delicious Fruit Pound Cake in the May box.  This orange cake is light and moist, and the orange slices baked into the top add to the intense orangey flavour.

Rich Orange Biscuits Meiji Bokksu review July 2018

Rich Orange Biscuits. The name is slightly misleading, as in fact these biscuits aren’t just orange, they’re chocolate too! Imagine a chocolate orange Oreo that actually tastes of more than just sugar, and you would get these lovely sandwich cookies. The outer biscuits are chocolate, and the filling is has an intense orange flavour. These cookies are known for their high quality, and the cream filling is 41% actual orange. 


Everything is a feast for the eyes, and the aesthetic of this month’s box is particularly pleasing.

These are perfect flavours for summer. I love citrus, and it’s been fascinating discovering the new varieties. I was a little more familiar with yuzu, from the delicious yuzu sandwich cookies back in December, but the other two fruits were completely new to me. 

One of the things I most enjoy about these boxes is the opportunity to learn new things, and I’ve really enjoyed experiencing these different flavours.

These delicious snacks have added a fruity zing to this beautiful summer!


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Here’s some blurb for you:

Bokksu is unlike any other Japanese snack box. We are totally in love with Japanese snacks, which is why it is our mission to craft authentic Japanese gourmet experiences for our Members around the world. We source directly from artisanal producers in Japan, so you won’t find our delicious snacks and teas anywhere else.

Classic Bokksu will take you on a gourmet journey through Japan each month. From Hokkaido white chocolate butter cookies to Kyoto handground matcha to Kyushu mango chiffon cakes, get the experience of tasting authentic Japanese snacks delivered right to your door. Each box comes with:

  • 20-25 delicious Japanese snacks and a tea pairing curated around a cultural theme
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Payment is made upfront for the subscription period. The price starts at $39 (around £29) for a month-to-month subscription, and the monthly cost is reduced the longer the subscription! You can find more details here.










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