Review: My Greeting Box – February 2018 The Card Making Subscription Box

Spring is coming, Easter is getting closer, and that means Mother’s Day is in sight! February’s My Greeting Box has all the goodies you need to make three magical cards, perfect for Mothering Sunday.

My Greeting Box Review February 2018

The box arrives in the mail, and it’s beautifully branded and extremely well sealed! Just as well, as it’s always bursting with lovely papercraft things.

My Greeting Box Review February 2018

The presentation is very thoughtful. The pink tissue paper contains everything, and there’s even a personalized note inside!

My Greeting Box Review February 2018

Here are this month’s designs. Lots of magic, sparkle, and UNICORNS!

My Greeting Box Review February 2018

Each design has incredibly detailed instructions.

My Greeting Box Review February 2018

Here are a new set of acrylic stamps! Don’t they look cute? The acrylic block for them came with the starter kit which I received in the November box. However don’t fret if your subscription is new, you get the starter kit in your first box, no matter when you start your subscription!

There’s some gorgeous coloured paper in there too, and always in very generous quantities!

My Greeting Box Review February 2018

Here are the circle cards for the Unicorn Spinner Card. Cutting out circles is quite tricky, so I’m really glad it’s been done already!

There’s also another ink pad to add to the collection. The name, Lulu Lavender, is almost as pretty as the colour itself!

My Greeting Box Review February 2018

There are a couple of little bags of glittery accents. There are lots in each bag, so you’ll have plenty left over for making more cards!

The little bottle of acrylic glue is extremely useful. This kind of glue gives you a really good bond, great for these little glittery bits, plus the fine nozzle ensures accuracy. There’s also a ruler included, which I’m really happy about. I always manage to lose rulers, so the more the merrier! Plus there’s always some measuring involved in cardmaking, so now I won’t have to dig through my daughter’s pencil case to find one.

My Greeting Box Review February 2018

There’s a lot of lovely things to add to your cardmaking stash! 

Unicorns are everywhere at the moment, so this theme is really stylish and contemporary. The stamps are extra cute too! I love this month’s designs, especially the spinner card. It’s definitely going to be the first one I try out.

The suggestion for this month’s cards is Mother’s Day, though I think these cards could be used for almost any occasion. The little phrases are so positive and inspirational, and the designs are pleasingly whimsical.

One thing I really enjoy about these boxes is that the instructions are so excellent that I am confident that the results will be terrific. All the steps are broken down clearly, and the illustrations are extremely clear. Really, it’s about as idiot-proof as it gets!

I love how my little stash of papercraft supplies is building up each month. This is one objective of this box, especially when you’re feeling brave enough to try creating your own designs. I also love all the different types of paper; you always get lots of extras for your own use, or in case of any mistakes!

Home made cards are so wonderful to receive, and I think crafting and creating is very therapeutic. My Greeting Box is a lovely way to be creative but with the security of knowing it’s going to work out!


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My Greeting Box is a monthly package of card making supplies delivered straight to your door. Order before 8th February to get your February box. Keep an eye out on our website and social media for sneak peeks about the theme and card designs! In February you will get three card designs to recreate and materials to make even more cards!

All this for only £22 a month! And that’s not all… use the code FIRST25 at checkout for a 25% off your first box!










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