Review: My Greeting Box – November 2017 The Card Making Subscription Box

I do like crafty and creative things, so this BRAND NEW box of cardmaking supplies looks very exciting!

Here’s a little bit of blurb:

My Greeting Box is a monthly package of card making supplies delivered straight to your door. 

My Greeting Box is the unique mix of an activity box as well as a way to build up your collection of creative materials and tools and learn new techniques to use in your own designs. You will get 3 designs to make in each box but enough materials to make 5 cards and have leftover cardstock and other materials that are useful for creating your own designs (whether on cards or scrapbooking or any other project). As well as this you get tools that you will be able to keep forever. Your starter kit will include a pair of craft scissors, an acrylic block for the clear stamps you receive each month and a pack of felt tip pens. Then, each month, you will receive inks and stamps that will last for years or forever!

The price is £22 per month.

As I said, this is brand new company, and this is their first ever box! It’s the November box, but very sensibly the cards are Christmas cards. The festive season sneaks up on you so fast, so it’s great to get a jump on things!

I should add here that I’ve not yet had a chance to make any of the cards, because the last couple of weeks have been crazy busy, but when I do I’ll be sure to update with the process! It was very difficult to resist the temptation to abandon my considerable to-do list (including preparing for Little C’s birthday party!) and dive in and make something. But at least you can see here what is provided in the box.

UPDATE: I made the Holly Shaker Card!

UPDATE: I made the Hanging Stockings Card!

So, the box.

My Greeting Box Review November 2017

It’s quite big, a littler larger than A4 size, and feels quite weighty. I do like the branding, it’s always lovely to know what you’re opening!

My Greeting Box Review November 2017

It’s very nicely presented. I like the thought that’s been put into giving a lovely first impression.

My Greeting Box Review November 2017

This is what’s under the tissue, and there’s also a personalized note! Again, very thoughtful.

My Greeting Box Review November 2017

Each box will contain instruction cards for three different card projects, of course along with all the supplies you need.

My Greeting Box Review November 2017

Here’s an example of an instruction leaflet. The steps are very clear, and I love the little hand-drawn illustrations!

My Greeting Box Review November 2017

My Greeting Box Review November 2017

The supplies are very generous! There is plenty of decorative paper (these are all A4 sheets), and you also get the inkpads, stamps and acrylic block. These are all reusable for future projects!

There are also instructions supplied for the acrylic stamps. I’m very pleased about this, because I have always wondered how the hell they work!

My Greeting Box Review November 2017

There are three blank cards for the projects, plus extras for when you feel brave enough to attempt your own creations! Here you can also see the little decorations used in the projects. I love those tiny clothespegs!

My Greeting Box Review November 2017

The all-important sticky stuff. Sticky pads, double-sided tape, and PVA. Again, you get a generous quantity of both.

My Greeting Box Review November 2017

And finally, a pair of impressively sharp scissors, felt tips (because who doesn’t love colouring?), and two pencils. Yes, you get a spare pencil. Seriously practical.

My Greeting Box Review November 2017

What a fantastic assortment!

I love those handmade cards you see in craft fairs, and I’ve always longed to have a go at making them, but unlike my husband I have no particular artistic ability. A kit with instructions to hold my hand through all the steps, plus all necessary bits and pieces, is a wonderful way to dip my toe into this kind of creativity.

Regarding value, the price is £22 a month.

Those lovely handmade cards you see usually cost around £2 – £3. Now add the the supplies. I had a little look around the internet and figured out the stamps and block would cost around £8. These ink pads are about £1.50. If you call the cards £2.50 a pop, that’s £18.50, without the cardstock, sticky things and all the other decorative and useful items. Then you get a very well-detailed set of instructions to take you through each project, and teach you new techniques!

It’s wonderful that so many items had be used again and again. Including blank cards gives you a little nudge towards being slightly more adventurous with your own creativity. The designs themselves can also be adapted for other themes and occasions; all you need is your imagination! 

I think this is great value for money. Between the supplies, instructions, and ideas, you’ve got everything you need to start or expand on your own personal stash of craft items. You also get great smug value for giving hand made cards!

Of course this would also make a wonderful gift for someone who needs a bit of therapeutic creativity. I’m a great believer in the power of artistic endeavor, and if you’ve looked at beautiful cards and wished you could make them too, now you can! 

PS: As I said, I’ll be posting my own attempts at these cards very soon. Wish me luck!

My Greeting Box Review November 2017


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My Greeting Box is a monthly package of card making supplies delivered straight to your door. Keep an eye out on our website and social media for sneak peeks about the theme and card designs! Every month you will get three card designs to recreate and materials to make even more cards!

All this for only £22 a month! And that’s not all… use the code FIRST25 at checkout for a 25% off your first box!










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