Review: Henry J Socks – Socks Subscription

If you’re looking for something for the man who has everything, why not a pair of funky socks delivered every month?

Blurb: Here at Henry J socks, we bring the soul back into your shoes.

Bespoke quality knitting, along with vibrancy and quirky social appeal, make our socks a guaranteed head-turner. They’re bold, beautiful and perfect for everyday use. We offer a monthly subscription service that delivers socks, fresh from the needle and thread, directly to your door! Every month you’ll receive a pair of our snazzy socks, handpicked just for you. You’ll never have to worry about buying socks again!

Prices are as follows:

3 months: £5.99 p/m 1 pair, £10.89 p/m 2 pair

6 months: £5.49 p/m 1 pair, £9.56 p/m 2 pair

12 months £4.99 p/m 1 pair, £8.32 p/m 2 pair

There are two sizes available: Average (6 – 10) and Large (11 – 16)

I enlisted my lovely husband, Big C, to help test out these socks. He’s a big bloke, so he got the Large size.

Henry J Socks Review Sock Subscription

The box arrived through the mailbox. Obviously, a pair of socks doesn’t take up much space!

Henry J Socks Review Sock Subscription


Henry J Socks Review Sock Subscription

Nicely wrapped and packaged.

Henry J Socks Review Sock Subscription

Pretty cool design, huh?

Henry J Socks Review Sock Subscription

In case you’re wondering, Polyamide and Elastan[e] are added to socks to help them retain their shape, avoid shrinkage, and wick away moisture.

Isn’t that interesting?

So now, the acid test.

Henry J Socks Review Sock Subscription

Nice pins, eh?

Henry J Socks Review Sock Subscription

Big C loves these socks.

He is a big fan of bright/funky socks, and the thought the design of these is fantastic.

They are very comfortable to wear, and stay up well.

He was slightly concerned they might be a little thin, but the fabric is extremely soft, and feels lovely against the skin.

I can safely say he is extremely happy with his new socks!

Henry J Socks Review Sock Subscription

My thoughts:

I agree they are lovely and soft, and the pattern is great fun.

The packaging is nice and neat, and small enough to be easily delivered.

A sock subscription is both frivolous and convenient, and would make a lovely gift.

As to value, it’s kind of average for a single pair (not counting the stupid expensive designer label socks). The two pair option is better value, and of course these is the convenience factor as well. It is certainly a fun way to build up a collection of funky and colourful socks!

Henry J Socks also do boxers and boxers subscriptions. I (or rather Big C) haven’t tried the boxers as I’m just reviewing the sock subscription, but looking at the prices I think their socks/boxer combo looks like excellent value (£16 p/m for one pair of each).

Christmas is creeping ever-closer, so if you’re stuck for a present for the man (or slightly larger-footed woman!) this would certainly be a lovely twist on the ‘socks again’ groan.

Boring socks are much a cliché, but these socks are far from boring, and the novelty of getting a new pair every month makes this a gift that keeps on giving!