Review: My Greeting Box – July 2018

My Greeting Box has everything you need to create beautiful handmade cards.

My Greeting Box Review cardmaking subscription box

Even the box is lovely! It fits through the mailbox, sealed with fantastic bright tape, and the supplies insides are beautifully wrapped in tissue.

My Greeting Box Review cardmaking subscription box

The July My Greeting Box has the perfect theme for the crazy hot weather we’ve been having!  Three awesome BBQ designs.

(Actually I was having hot weather somewhere else, as I was on holiday in July which is why I’m writing this review in August.)

My Greeting Box Review cardmaking subscription box

Those circle cards are for the Let’s Meat Up designs, along with lots and lots of tiny little beads. I love the colours, they’re perfect for the fiery and smoky effects on those two cards.

My Greeting Box Review cardmaking subscription box

There’s another good-sized piece of equipment here: a single hole punch, which is used the beaded card. These are also pretty handy in general to have around. You can also see some invisible thread, also used for this card, and sticky pads (boring but essential).

My Greeting Box Review cardmaking subscription box

Of course, there’s a new set of gorgeous acrylic stamps and an ink pad. I love the name of the ink: Rhubarb Stalk, isn’t that wonderful? And of course you’ve got lots and lots of cardstock. White, grey, red, black and sparkly, clear, and of course your card blanks and envelopes. There’s far more than you’ll use for three cards (even if you make mistakes like I have) so there’s plenty left to make multiple cards, or even create your own designs!

This is such a wonderful theme for this time of year – these cards would be perfect for invitations to a special summer barbeque.

The designs themselves always work perfectly, and I’m constantly amazed and the professional results that can be achieved by just following the instructions! Which reminds me, I managed to forget to photograph some of the instructions to show you. Damn. There are examples in my other reviews, and I assure you they are incredibly easy to follow!

If you you’ve always admired handmade cards, but didn’t think you could make them yourself, with My Greeting Box you can! It’s a lovely way to build technique and creativity, and make beautiful cards for your friends and family.


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As always I’ll write up walk-throughs of the cards I make, and keep an eye on my Instagram because I post them there too! 

My Greeting Box is a monthly package of card making supplies delivered straight to your door. Keep an eye out on our website and social media for sneak peeks about the theme and card designs! Every month you will get three card designs to recreate and materials to make even more cards!

All this for only £22 a month! And that’s not all… use the code FIRST25 at checkout for a 25% off your first box!










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