Review: nomakenolife – December 2017 Japanese Beauty

nomakenolife is a monthly subscription box of Japanese cosmetics and beauty products. Japanese women take their skincare very seriously, and their beauty products are superb quality. They are also very big on products which contain natural ingredients, including collagen, and avoiding harsh chemicals.

It works like this:

They have one-, three-, six-, and 12-month subscriptions costing $29.99, $29.00, $28.33, and $27.50 per month respectively. At current exchange rates this is £22.35, £21.61, £21.11, and £20.49.

Shipping is free. 

nmnl is part of the TokyoTreat group, who also produce TokyoTreat, a lovely box of Japanese snacks, and YumeTwins, an equally lovely box of Japanese kawaii goodies.

nomakenolife review December 2017 Japanese Beauty

The shipping box is great, sturdy with nice minimalist branding.

nomakenolife review December 2017 Japanese Beauty

You can get a glimpse of what’s in this month’s box! Also on top is the menu booklet.

nomakenolife review December 2017 Japanese Beauty

nomakenolife review December 2017 Japanese Beauty

I like the detail in the menu, and it’s lovely to look through as you check out each item. 

Well, as you can see one of the items in the open box picture, let’s start with that one!

Dolly Wink Vivid Pink Colour Eyeliner nomakenolife review December 2017 Japanese Beauty

This Dolly Wink Vivid Pink Colour Eyeliner is a soft and easily blendable pencil. It contains jojoba oil which is great for the delicate skin around the eye area.

Dolly Wink Vivid Pink Colour Eyeliner nomakenolife review December 2017 Japanese Beauty

And wow, it certainly is bright! That’s some serious pink colour going on there. 

L’air de savon ice body milk nomakenolife review December 2017 Japanese Beauty

I love the packaging of this L’air de savon ice body milk. The soap bar shape is very attractive, and looks very French. Yes, it’s a Japanese product, but I think they definitely have a French vibe going on with the design. The light body milk contains peppermint and witch hazel extracts. It also absorbs easily into the skin. 

The scent is called ‘Eternal Moment’ and is apparently a limited edition blend of floral and citrus notes. It smells pleasant but not overpowering.

Rosy Rosa Retractable Lip Brushnomakenolife review December 2017 Japanese Beauty

This month’s cosmetic accessory/tool is a Rosy Rosa Retractable Lip Brush. Rosy Rosa is a popular Japanese drugstore brand; last month’s box featured another item from the same brand.

Rosy Rosa Retractable Lip Brush nomakenolife review December 2017 Japanese Beauty

The soft nylon brush clicks in and out of the case rather like a ballpoint pen. Retractable brushes are always useful because they protect the brush from getting squashed and bent in your makeup bag. In fact, I’d very much like retractable eyeshadow brush as mine is not in very good shape!

Sweets Maison Matcha Bubble Bath nomakenolife review December 2017 Japanese Beauty

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see I like taking baths when using the various masks and things from nomakenolife! In fact last night I tried the Ginger Bath Salts from the November box – lovely!

Anyway, here is something else for me to enjoy in the bath: Sweets Maison Matcha Bubble Bath! It contains argan oil to help moisturize your skin, very useful in winter, and it comes in a lovely little bottle! 

Profael Smooth Hand Wrap nomakenolife review December 2017 Japanese Beauty

Finally, another useful thing for winter, Profael Smooth Hand Wrap. 

Profael Smooth Hand Wrap nomakenolife review December 2017 Japanese Beauty

This is a serious hand-moisturizing kit. Not only do you have a rich hand cream containing silk powder, edelweiss extract, and hyaluronic acid, you also get a pair of cotton gloves. 

You slather your hands in this stuff last thing at night, pop on the gloves, and they protect and lock in the moisture so you wake up with lovely soft hands! My hands get unpleasantly dry in winter, so this is a lovely pampering treat.

Well, I think this is an interesting box this month.

I really like the body milk packaging, but there was a similar product in the August box. OK, that was a few months ago, and that one was great for summer, but I think for this time of year something richer would have been better. Again, my skin gets very dry in the cold weather, and this body milk, nice though it is, is a little light for me right now.

The lip brush is good, and a handy size for handbag use as well. 

The eyeliner is fun, but it’s not really me! I’m more a classic shades of brown person when it comes to eye makeup: the lovely brown eyeliner in September’s box was utterly perfect. This month’s crazy pink eyeliner will go in the ‘dressing up makeup box’. I can say, though, that it is very nice quality. It’s smooth and easy to blend.

My favourite items are definitely the hand cream and the bubble bath. Anything bath-related is always a hit for me, and as I said, the hand cream is terrific for dry winter skin.

The things I most enjoy in the nmnl boxes are usually the skincare/haircare items, and this box is no exception. I’m really hoping for some more facewash soon, because Japanese facewash is the best you can get!

nomakenolife only sends Japanese brands, and frequently they are totally unavailable outside the Asian market. I haven’t been able to find any of these items on non-Japanese websites. 

So no price breakdown, though I’m confident the value is excellent as always. I think the Western equivalents would easily set you back the price of the box and more.

Japanese beauty products are always of great quality, and even if not every item is for me, I’m always confident I’m getting good stuff!













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