Review: nomakenolife – October 2017

nomakenolife is a monthly subscription box of Japanese cosmetics and beauty products. Japanese women take their skincare very seriously, and their beauty products are superb quality. They are also very big on products which contain natural ingredients, including collagen, and avoiding harsh chemicals.

It works like this:

They have one-, three-, six-, and 12-month subscriptions costing $29.99, $29.00, $28.33, and $27.50 per month respectively. At current exchange rates this is £22.44, £21.70, £21.20, and £20.58.

Shipping is free. 

nmnl is part of the TokyoTreat group, who also produce TokyoTreat, a lovely box of Japanese snacks, and YumeTwins, an equally lovely box of kawaii Japanese goodies.

nomakenolife nmnl Review October 2017

The shipping box is strong enough to withstand the rigors of international shipping.

(And this month, no dent!)

Great, simple branding too.

nomakenolife nmnl Review October 2017

On top is their menu booklet. 

Interesting information in there about each item, plus the usual social media promotions.

nomakenolife nmnl Review October 2017


nomakenolife nmnl Review October 2017


nomakenolife nmnl Review October 2017


nomakenolife nmnl Review October 2017


Looks like there’s something for Halloween there!

nomakenolife Review October 2017 Glow in the Dark Sugar Skull Art Mask

It’s a Glow in the Dark Sugar Skull Art Mask. Sheet masks are fantastic, and this one has an extra twist.

You probably recognise this look. Sugar skulls are a famous symbol of the Mexican Day of the Dead

With this mask you can scare the neighbors/kids while simultaneously pampering your skin. As the name suggests, it even glows in the dark! Now that’s what I call multitasking.

As an extra sweet bonus, it has a lovely cherry scent.

I’m definitely going to be trying this one out closer to Halloween, and of course will be posting it on Instagram

nomakenolife review October 2017 Japanese Pattern Powder Puff

This Japanese Pattern Powder Puff is an accessory rather than skincare or cosmetics.

The little pouch in which you slide your fingers to hold it is in a cute floral pattern, and the puff itself is made from 100% cotton.

It’s quite small, about the size of a regular powder compact, but it’s cute.

nomakenolife review October 2017 Sailor Moon Venus Spa Hair Fragrance

Not only does this Sailor Moon Venus Spa Hair Fragrance make your hair smell nice, it also contains conditioning ingredients including collagen, keratin, and various amino acids. 

This is a special limited edition collaboration between Sailor Moon and Venus Spa, a Japanese beauty brand. 

There are five different fragrances, each with a different Sailor Warrior on the bottle. 

Annoyingly, I can’t find a list in English showing which scent is contained in which bottle, so I can’t figure out which one I have. I can say it smells delicious

nomakenolife Review October 2017 Propolinse Sakura Mouthwash

Here’s a handy travel item. Six individual sachets of Propolinse Sakura Mouthwash

This mouthwash contains xylitol, and the sakura (cherry blossom) flavour is limited edition. 

The sachets are quite generous, so I reckon you could get an evening and morning gargle from each one!

nomakenolife review October 2017 Sweets-Sweets Fruits Tint Lip Serum

Finally, my favourite item, the luscious Sweets-Sweets Fruits Tint Lip Serum.

It acts as a moisturizer and primer, and also smells delicious! It gives your lips a lovely shine with the tiniest hint of colour.

I’m not a big lipstick wearer, so this item is just the kind of thing I like and use.


OK then, I like the variety in the box. The sheet mask (I love sheet masks) is both useful and fun, and a great little nod to Halloween!

The one item I’m not so sure about is the powder puff. The quality is nice, and if I used this kind of loose powder then it would actually be very handy. However I don’t, I’m a foundation/powder combo compact kind of person, so I don’t really need this. Though it is cute. 

Everything else is great!

Those mouthwash sachets are very useful for just a little overnight trip, or even on a plane.

The hair fragrance is a lot of fun. It smells delicious, and I like that it’s also good for your hair. I actually think I might send this to my best friend, who keeps horses and constantly complains her hair smells like a stable. 

And as for the lip tint, I love it. I have a bad habit of chewing my lips (one reason I don’t wear lipstick) so I really like a product that nourishes and protects whilst adding a tiny bit of glam!  

nomakenolife only sends Japanese brands, and frequently they are totally unavailable outside the Asian market.

I’ve managed to find a couple of things on Japanese sites that ship to the UK, but prices plus shipping come to a hefty amount, way over the price of this box! 

So no price breakdown, but I’m confident the value is excellent as always. 

Japanese beauty products are always of superb quality, and nomakenolife always send a great selection!

nomakenolife nmnl Review October 2017








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