Review: Papergang from Ohh Deer: March 2018

I do love pretty stationary and fun and quirky design! Little C has been very lucky to get her own kids’ stationery boxes, but now it’s my turn for a grownup version!

Papergang is a monthly stationery subscription box brought to you by Ohh Deer, which sells lovely illustrated stationery supplies. Each month features a different artist and theme, and this month’s artist is Peskimo. You can read more about this husband-and wife team here, but in the meantime let’s take a look at the box!

Papergang Review March 2018

This month’s  box isn’t actually a box, it’s a tube! It’s really quite large, with a fun pattern.

Papergang Stationery subscription box Review March 2018

Iron-On-Patch. I believe this only comes with the first box, but he’s a pretty cute character. Love the pencil hair! 

Papergang Stationery subscription box Review March 2018

Calendar sheet. This could be handy to stick into your diary or on the wall! It’s just a regular sheet of paper, but the design matches the tube. The little trees and foxes are very cute!

Menu booklet and price list. You’ve got the RRP for all the items in the box, presumably what will be charged when these items make their way into the Ohh Deer shop.

Papergang Peskimo Stationery subscription box Review March 2018

There’s also a nice interview with Peskimo in the menu booklet. 

Papergang Peskimo Stationery subscription box Review March 2018

Skinny Pencil Case. I love pencil cases! They’re one of those things that always come in handy, and this has that lovely trees-and-fox design. The bright orange lining looks fantastic too. And it has more goodies inside!

Papergang Peskimo Stationery subscription box Review March 2018

Pen and Washi Tape. The washi tape, again always useful is in the orange print again, but the pen is another design. It looks like lots of cats in chairs. That blue is a wonderful colour, and again, you can never have too many pens.

Papergang Peskimo Stationery subscription box Review March 2018

A2 Litho Print. So that’s why this was in a tube! You certainly couldn’t fold up something this size. And there’s that cat pattern again. The snoozing cats and dogs fit in really well. Perhaps it’s called Dog-and-Catnaps!

Papergang Peskimo Stationery subscription box Review March 2018

There’s that pattern again!

Well, this is a great bunch of cute and useful stationery goodies. 

This month’s artist is fantastic. I really like the slightly retro fifties look of the designs, especially all the cool chairs. I’ve looked up Peskimo, and they’ve done absolutely tons of wonderful illustration and graphic design work. They’re really worth doing a bit of Googling!

The RRPs on the website seem pretty reasonable for what they are, so the total value is £27.65. As the box costs £13.90 this is terrific value. 

I like all the items very much. The pencil case is a very handy surprise, because I’ve been making vague plans to acquire a small portable one, so this has saved me the trouble!

Washi tape can be used for so many things, and this will be added to my collection. I might also use it to tape the calendar page into my journal!

Pens are brilliant. I’m always losing them (or my daughter pinches them) so I’m happy to have more.

The print is lovely. The design is great and the quality is nice. My reservation is that, at A2 size, it’s rather large. While I like it very much it just doesn’t fit in with the art we have on our walls. We’re also short on available wallspace in general, and we still have more pictures to hang! However, I think it will make a really lovely gift. I have several animal-loving friends who I think would enjoy it, so I’ll have to think whose birthday comes up next!

I actually don’t mind regifting something at all, because the other contents come in over the original box value, so I certainly don’t feel like I’m losing out. In fact, I think it’s an extra-nice bonus to be able to give something away!


Quick blurb and pricing from the website:

A monthly subscription costs £10.95 plus £2.95 UK P+P

Papergang is Ohh Deer’s way of expressing a deep rooted obsession with papery goodness.

Each month you will receive a box filled with brilliant stationery. The product selection will vary but will include the likes of: greeting cards, notebooks, desk accessories and art prints.

You will never get a repeat box; each month will be designed with an artist and a theme so all of your new accessories make a lovely family.

Almost all products will be exclusive to Papergang for a period of time before it goes on sale in Ohh Deer’s shop.









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