Review: Time Monthly Watch Club June 2018

Time Monthly Watch Club is a brand new and totally unique subscription service! Every month you are sent a new and lovely watch, to keep. My husband Big C, who adores watches, is very excited about this, as he rarely gets to indulge in a new watch.

Anyway, let’s take a look!

Time Monthly Watch Club Review June 2018

Your watch is delivered in a branded Time Monthly Watch Club box, and is packed nicely in a jiffy bag to protect it from the rigors of the mail service.

Time Monthly Watch Club Review June 2018

For this very first month, the watch is from the company Pour Les Rois. (And you those of you whose French is a little rusty, this means ‘For Kings’.)

Time Monthly Watch Club Review June 2018

There are glass panels both front and back, so the workings are visible. Not only does this look gorgeous, but this is a mechanical watch! No battery. I looked it up on the Pour Les Rois website and apparently it’s self-winding, which is handy, because I bet I’d forget to wind it up and end up late for everything.

Time Monthly Watch Club Review June 2018

Here’s what it looks like from the front. Pretty cool huh?

Time Monthly Watch Club Review June 2018

And the back. The glass panel is even bigger here. It’s rather hypnotic to watch.

Time Monthly Watch Club Review June 2018

The watch has a nice little quirky feature too: bright blue hands, which gives a tiny and distinctive pop of colour.

The wrist strap is leather, quite stiff, though no doubt will soften over time.

Time Monthly Watch Club Review June 2018

Here it is on my wrist. It’s a largish watch, I suppose technically a man’s watch, but I rather like oversized watches. I certainly don’t find it too big to wear.

Time Monthly Watch Club Review June 2018

An ‘action shot’ of it on my husband’s wrist. Even on his man-wrists it doesn’t look small. This is definitely a watch to make a statement.


I’m really very impressed. The watch itself is terrific. I love the contrast between the classic style with the coloured hands, and I’m also enjoying the the mechanical aspect of it, having never owned a mechanical watch before. (I say I haven’t, but much as I love this, I think Big C is most likely to be appropriating this one! He practically squeaked with joy when I showed it to him, and he has been wearing it every day since.)

Regarding value, it’s a bargain. This watch retails at £89, so you are really getting something nice for an excellent price. The monthly cost of the subscription is such that if you were less keen on one of the watches you could easily re-gift it, without feeling like you didn’t get your money’s worth.

There are plenty of men’s lifestyle subscriptions out there, but this has managed to find a gap in the market! Watches are the perfect accessory. They combine functionality with aesthetics, and they are a great way to finish a look. While this subscription might be slightly more aimed at men, there is no reason why this should not be considered more or less unisex. It would also work very well as a gift, as who wouldn’t want to receive a new watch every month? It’s a little bit of affordable luxury.

This service is a wonderful and very reasonably priced way to build a splendid collection of watches for every occasion.











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