Review: TokyoTreat – June 2018 ‘Summer Carnival’

It’s time for some summer fun with TokyoTreat this month! The weather has finally cheered up, so I can’t wait to see what summery treats are on offer.

TokyoTreat Review June 2018

On top is their lovely menu magazine.

TokyoTreat Review June 2018

There’s all kinds of fun stuff inside, including puzzles…

TokyoTreat Review June 2018

…DIY candy kit instructions, featured snack, Japanese language and culture trivia…

TokyoTreat Review June 2018

…and of course a full contents list!

Happy Turn Soy Sauce Cheese Flavour TokyoTreat Review June 2018

Happy Turn Soy Sauce Cheese Flavour. This is the party pack, and contains lots of individually-wrapped rice crackers. The flavour, as you might have guessed, is soy sauce and cheese. These are seriously savory and really quite delicious. 

Tonkatsu Sauce Umaibo TokyoTreat Review June 2018

Tonkatsu Sauce Umaibo. Dedicated readers of my reviews will know I adore Umaibo! An umaibo is a tubular corn puff, and they come in about a million different flavours. This one is the flavour of tonkatsu sauce, which is served with fried pork cutlet. Yum.

Melon Cream Soda Chips TokyoTreat Review June 2018

Melon Cream Soda Chips. OK, these sound like they should be horrible. I mean, melon soda crisps? But actually, they are really rather nice, in a weird way. I absolutely love crisps anyway, and these are  crisps with a coating of slightly fizzy melon sherbet instead of salt. It shouldn’t work, but it does.

TokyoTreat Review June 2018

Popsicle DIY Candy Kit. This month’s candy kit is quite a simple one. According to the instructions in the menu it consists of four little candy pops, four sticks, and liquid and powder in which to dip them. Simple and sweet.

Koikeya Scone Rich Corn Flavour TokyoTreat Review June 2018

Koikeya Scone Rich Corn Flavour. These crunchy corn snacks don’t have anything to do with scones; Scone is the name of the brand. The snacks themselves are knobbly little sticks, a bit like Nik Naks or Cheetos. Not only are they made from corn, they’re coated in corn powder from Hokkaido. They taste like sweetcorn on steroids.  

Salty Seaweed Stick Potato Snack TokyoTreat Review June 2018

Salty Seaweed Stick Potato Snack. This is a sharing pack of four little bags of crispy potato sticks. They are meant to be reminiscent of eating chips by the sea, with the slight taste of salty seaweed. Well, they’re salty and crunchy so they’re fine by me!

Meiji Takenoko No Sato Cookies Cream TokyoTreat Review June 2018

Meiji Takenoko No Sato Cookies & Cream. These little bamboo shoot-shaped cookies are yummy. They have a cookie base for the stalk and a creamy bamboo tip. There was also the option of Honey Butter flavour in the box, but I’m quite happy with cookies & cream.

Kakigori Ramune Candy TokyoTreat Review June 2018

Kakigori Ramune Candy. Everyone who likes Japanese candy will be familiar with ramune candy. Ramune is Japanese soda pop, and Kakigori is a shaved ice dessert, rather like a sno-cone. These candies combine the two, with ramune and strawberry flavours and a cooling taste to give the effect of eating something cold. 

TokyoTreat Doraemon Gummy Gummies TokyoTreat Review June 2018Review June 2018

Doraemon Gummies. Doraemon is a popular manga and anime character, and these are little grape-flavoured gummies. 

Yogurt Flavoured Ginza Rusk TokyoTreat Review June 2018

Yogurt Flavoured Ginza Rusk. This month’s kinosei (health benefit) snack is ridiculously good. This is not like the bread rusk snack, rather a corn puff soaked in something delicious, in this case white chocolate yogurt. Apparently the health benefit of this particular snack is lactic acid to aid digestion. Well, I don’t know about that, but I managed to nail the entire package in about three minutes flat. There was a strawberry version of this snack in the February box that was just as delicious, so I hope these amazing rusks show up again!

Ikinari Dango Kit Kat TokyoTreat Review June 2018

Ikinari Dango Kit Kat. Japan produces Kit Kats in all kinds of crazy flavours (see Sake in March, Banana in April and various others in the February Bokksu). Ikinari Dango is a dish local to the Kumamoto Prefecture made from sweet potato and sweet bean paste. I’m always excited to try a new Kit Kat flavour, but I’m not crazy about these. I just don’t really like the taste. But I know someone who will, so I’ll be saving the other two for them.

Cheesnack Cream Rusk TokyoTreat Review June 2018

Cream Rusk and Cheesnack. These dagashi snacks are nice little bites. The Cream Rusk is regular rusk (crispy sweetened twice-baked bread) with a cream topping, and the Cheesnack is, as you might expect, a cheese cracker. 

Pepsi J-Cola Midnight TokyoTreat Review June 2018

Pepsi J-Cola Midnight. J-Cola is a special line for the Japanese market with a deeper and more refreshing taste. This ‘Midnight’ version has the added flavour of blackcurrant. The bottle has a pretty nice design too!


My favourite this month is definitely the Yogurt Ginza Rusk. Wow, they’re good! 

I’d never have thought I’d eat melon soda crisps, and yet I have; I’ve even enjoyed them. 

As always there’s a great selection of snacks, with both new and familiar flavours. Five of the snacks are savory, which is average, but that includes the share and party packs, so that’s plenty to go around. 

The theme is cute this month, though to be honest they are mostly just awesome snacks. The ramune candy definitely has that cooling thing going on, but think it’s pretty challenging to have obviously summery things to eat without actual ice cream. But it doesn’t matter, because everything is delicious. (OK, I didn’t like the Kit Kat for once, for that’s just my personal taste.)

The Premium box is always going to be the best value. There are enough goodies to last you for a while, if you can resist shoveling everything in your face as fast as I ate those Ginza rusks. You can also be nice and share with friends and loved ones. Or not.

A tasty way to kick off summer snacking!


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Subscription details:

Premium: $35 per month containing 17 items: 5 popular Japanese snacks, 1 party pack, 4 share packs, 3 dagashi, 1 anime snack, 1 DIY candy kit, 1 kinosei snack, 1 Japanese drink

Classic $25 per month containing 12 items: 4 popular Japanese snacks, 4 share packs, 2 dagashi, 1 DIY candy kit, 1 kinosei snack











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