Review: Your Sommelier September 2018

I love wine, but it’s very easy to get in the habit of grabbing the nearest (discounted) bottle of wine off the supermarket shelf. It can also be a rather hit and miss. 

Happily, Your Sommelier has sent me their September Discovery Box (£36 per month including postage) to try out.

Your Sommelier French Wine review

This month we have two reds and a white. We’re heading into Autumn, and the weather is definitely cooling down, and I’m really looking forward to some fruity reds. 

Your Sommelier French Wine review

Each monthly box contains wine from a different region. This month is Roussillon, in the very south of France. 

As well as the regional card, you get information about each bottle, including food pairing and tasting notes.

Your Sommelier French Wine review

The first red I tried was the Château Montana Dialogue Rouge.  

I’m a big fan of Syrah and its lovely bold fruity flavours, and this one is a blend with 60% Syrah. This I found delicious, pleasingly rich with the tiniest savory note. My husband wasn’t so keen, but I didn’t mind that, mainly because it meant I had it all to myself.

Your Sommelier French Wine review

The second red was La Coule Douce Rouge 2017. This one is another blend with a high proportion (70%) of grenache. It had a marvellous depth of flavour, incredibly fruity, and incredibly delicious. It was almost sweet without being sickly, and was perfect for the colder weather that whistled in with September.

Your Sommelier French Wine review

My husband liked this one rather a lot, but I managed to sneak off and grab the very last glass!

Your Sommelier French Wine review

Finally, the white was Charpentier Blanc 2017 Domaine de Vézian.

Your Sommelier French Wine review

As you can see, this has a deep yellow colour, and has a deep flavour to match. I’ve already used fruity as an adjective for the last two wines, so I’ll say this was aromatic and flavourful with lots of citrus and tropical notes. It was interesting to compare it to the white in the July box, which was light and crisp (in colour as well as flavour) where this was rich and luscious. 

It was also extremely nice to drink in the bath.


I’m a big fan of fruity wine, and these three really hit the spot. I don’t think I could pick a favorite! I loved them all, and the two reds were great for Autumn. With perfect timing, we had a little bit warmer weather just after I opened the white, which was one of the nicest whites I’ve ever tried. 

I do love receiving this box, it’s such a wonderful way to try new wines that you won’t find in the supermarket.The information both about the region and about the wines themselves is fascinating and makes me actually pay attention to what I’m drinking. 

This was a lovely autumnal treat!

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