Review: YumeTwins – Japanese Kawaii November 2017 Unboxing


(If you don’t want to look it up, that means ‘HELLO!’ in Japanese.)

This is the second box produced by the NEW and IMPROVED YumeTwins!

YumeTwins has just had a big shakeup! They’ve increased the amount of items from five to between six and eight. With this comes a larger variety of items from your favourite kawaii characters, and include more practical items too (hurrah!).

They’ve also got a cool new box design (and shiny new website), which you’ll see in a moment.

With this extra awesomeness comes a slight price increase.

Their one-, three-, six-, and 12-month subscriptions are now $35.00, $33.50, $32.00, and $31.50 per month respectively. At current exchange rates this is £25.77, £24.66, £23.56, and £23.19. Shipping is still free.

You can see their previous prices here, but the difference is not very large, especially in UK pounds, so you’d hardly notice it.

YumeTwins Review Unboxing November 2017

Here is the new box. Looks super-cute huh? It’s also bigger than before.

YumeTwins Review Unboxing November 2017

One major difference is that they now just have a flyer in the box.

YumeTwins Review Unboxing November 2017

On the reverse is this month’s password to retrieve then item menu from the website, plus competition and social media info.

Most of the items have different variables. You’ll see the version I got, of course, and I’ll also describe the other possibilities.

AMUSE Poteusa Loppy"Rabbit Plushie YumeTwins Review Unboxing November 2017

Every YumeTwins box contains something plushie and gorgeous to cuddle. This gorgeous call of fluff is a AMUSE Poteusa Loppy Rabbit Plushie

There are actually 48 possible bunnies! Given what they say about the breeding habits of rabbits this is not surprising. Anyway, my cute bunny has a lovely spotted scarf.

Pokémon Mini-Pouch YumeTwins Review Unboxing November 2017

Little purses are always incredibly useful, and this Pokémon Mini-Pouch is no exception.

Pokémon Mini-Pouch YumeTwins Review Unboxing November 2017

Featuring Pikachu, there is a surprising amount of room inside, and it also has a little clip to attach it to your bag. 

This is one of eight possible designs.

Also, did you know that in Japan, Pokémon are also known as as Pocket Monsters? 

Sanrio Ruler My Melody YumeTwins Review Unboxing November 2017

This is a handy little item. There are two possible styles of this Sanrio Ruler. I got My Melody, and there is also a Hello Kitty version.

Sanrio Ruler My Melody YumeTwins Review Unboxing November 2017

It’s a nice compact size to fit in your pencil case, but then it unfolds to 30cm/1ft length! Very clever and very useful.

AMUSE Character Bakery Squishies YumeTwins Review Unboxing November 2017

Squishies also make frequent appearances in YumeTwins boxes, and this little guy is a AMUSE Character Bakery Squishie

Cute and squeezable, this series of six possible squishies shows an AMUSE character imagined as baked goods!

Yes, it it kind of surreal, definitely not edible, but certainly kawaii! And conveniently, another bunny for the collection.

Sanrio Little Twin Stars Letter Set YumeTwins Review Unboxing November 2017

Let’s get lo-tech! This lovely Sanrio Little Twin Stars Letter Set contains twelve sheets of paper, six envelopes, and a set of stickers. 

Sanrio Little Twin Stars Letter Set YumeTwins Review Unboxing November 2017

It’s perfect for letter-writing inspiration! (It was also a bit tricky to photograph because it’s very pastel.)

Little C was certainly inspired, she’s already written a letter to our family overseas.

Gudetama Sanrio or Doraemon Key Cover YumeTwins Review Unboxing November 2017

This isn’t a big item, but it’s my favourite! This month’s box included a Sanrio or Doraemon Key Cover, and I got my very favourite character, Gudetama


I’ve put it on my keychain immediately, and it will make finding my front door key much easier to find!

Disney Tsum Tsum Fleece Lap Blanket YumeTwins Review Unboxing November 2017

This month’s large item is this gorgeous Disney Tsum Tsum Fleece Lap Blanket. Now we’re heading into winter this is a terrific accessory to keep the cold at bay!

There were three possible designs: Mickey, Donald, and Winnie-the-Pooh. My version is Pooh.

It’s 100 x 30cm, which makes it perfect for draping over your legs if you’re feeling a bit chilly, and it’s also very portable. If would also be great to keep in the car. 


OK, so my thoughts on this month’s box.

Once again, I think YumeTwins has done a great job! I’m incredibly pleased they are making a big effort to include lots of practical kawaii items. I love kawaii style, but I also love things I can use. This is partly because my lovely daughter Little C immediately snaffles anything squishy and plushie.

Amuse Loppy Plushie YumeTwins Review Unboxing November 2017


So I like to be able to grab at least a couple of things I can use myself!

Gudetama Sanrio or Doraemon Key Cover YumeTwins Review Unboxing November 2017

My keychain!

I can always find a use for little pouches, and the clip makes it especially useful. 

The letter set is inspired! Now everybody sends emails it’s such a rare treat to get a letter, especially on such kawaii paper!

As for the blanket, it’s warm and soft and cosy, and it’s actually a very handy size. My only reservation is that I sort of wish I’d gotten one of the other designs. This is because I grew up with the original Winnie-the-Pooh, and I don’t like how Disney has changed it. I’ve a serious traditionalist when it comes to children’s literature. 

But never mind, it will still be useful!

I have to say that I miss the menu booklet. Moving the content online no doubt means more money for actual goodies, but it was cute, and always had some fun kawaii trivia inside. Oh well, if it means more cute and kawaii goodies then I’ll let it go!

This is a great continuation on from last month’s box, and I think the YumeTwins new look and direction is fantastic. I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!


I made an unboxing video! What do you think?















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