Wine for Mummy – The BIB Wine Company

There are many reasons for making sure there is wine for Mummy. Let’s face it, children are awesome, but there’s nothing like putting your feet up with a glass of wine after a long day with the little darlings. 

(Please note: I am in no way suggesting that wine is only for Mummy. Daddy can have wine too. But I am a Mummy, so this wine is for me. You may buy for whomever you wish.)

My usual wine-buying technique is grabbing a bottle that looks half decent (and is on special offer) off the supermarket shelf when it looks like supplies are getting low. 

But there is another way.

Enter the BIB Wine Company. This company specializes in good wines in – wait for it – a box!

Yes, I know, wine boxes are supposed to be crap. Cheap wine, ugly boxes, bought by students and people with no taste.

Let me stop you there. Box wine has really changed.

The BIB Wine Co. produces boxed wine that is good quality and reasonably priced. That takes care of the quality.

Ugly packaging? Well, they’ve definitely nailed a classy look.

BIB Wine the wine box that's perfect for mummies.

The box is a nice colour, and the logo is elegant.

So, we’ve got a good wine box. But what are the advantages for Mummy?

The BIB Wine Company doesn’t just sell wine, it sends it to you. That’s right, it comes through the mail. No more worrying about about sideways glances from shoppers when you chuck in a couple of bottles alongside the Hula Hoops and baked beans. 

Even better, you never need worry that you will run out, because they have a subscription service. Choose your wine, how often you want it delivered, and wait for the postman.

Nicely boxed, no damage there.

Did you know wine boxes are eco-friendly?

Wine boxes are actually a lot better for the environment than bottles.

The boxes and bags are recyclable, and they have lower packaging costs, so better value for everybody. They’re also lighter than bottles, so they’re cheaper and more efficient to transport.

Each box holds the equivalent of three bottles in a much smaller package.

(That takes care of environmental guilt, and makes you feel a bit better about all that plastic crap in your kid’s toybox.) 

Anything else? 

The BIB Wine Co. sources their wines direct from growers, there’s no middleman markup, so again, better value.

The box keeps the wine fresh for up to six weeks. SIX WEEKS! OK, there’s no way three bottles are going to last six weeks, but bear with me. 

An open bottle will only last a few days. If you only want a glass, there’s always that sneaking feeling of guilt when you’ve got a mostly empty bottle that you know isn’t going to last, and you really don’t want to waste it. 

(I know there are all these hacks about freezing leftover wine, but seriously, who does that? Who even has leftover wine??)

With a box you really can just have a glass and not worry about wastage.

You also don’t have to worry about an overflowing recycling box. Our recycling is collected every fortnight, and seriously, those wine bottles really take up a lot of space. Not to mention the embarrassingly noisy clanking when the recycling truck arrives at the crack of dawn.

The box simply folds down to practically nothing. And it’s silent. 

Now you’ve seen a couple of pretty pictures, take a look at the boxes in a real life setting (my kitchen).

Look how nicely this box of white sits in the fridge. It takes up less space than other essentials of life, such as hummus, olives, and organic yogurt. 

As for the red, it lives in a cupboard. There’s no way I could fit three bottles in that space. It even colour coordinates nicely with the oatcakes and Ella’s fruit pouches. 

(My god, could my cupboard and fridge be any more middle class?)

Happily, it tastes very nice.

On the back of each box (helpfully colour-coded) is some information about the wine, taste, food suggestions.

I admit I’ll drink red with chicken if that’s what’s open, but it’s always handy to have a little bit of guidance. For example, I think white wine would go very nicely with leftover fish fingers.

The white I have here is Domaine San De Guilhem Côtes de Gascogne 2017 and costs £23.90. It’s fresh and crisp, and does indeed go very nicely with leftover fish fingers. 

The red is Domaine Ortola 2017 (£28.20), which is pleasingly fruity and pairs beautifully with leftover spag bol.

At the equivalent of around £8 – 9 quid a bottle it’s not exactly cheaper than my standard supermarket plonk, but it’s a lot nicer. It also means my shopping basket is a lot lighter. 

So there you have it. Wine through the mail. In a box. That tastes nice and looks nice. 

The BIB Wine Company is the perfect wine for Mummy. 

BIB Wine Company Wine Boxes- perfect for when Mummy needs a glass of time!


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