Review: Toppbox May 2018 (Men’s Grooming & Skincare)

Toppbox is a monthly box of men’s grooming and skincare supplies. They source products from great brands, and send a selection straight to your door. It costs £19 per month plus £3.35 P&P.

I’ve been very lucky to try out all kinds of wonderful skincare, but as this is a box for men, my darling husband Big C has been kind enough to give me his opinion on these lovely things. (You’ll get my opinions too though!)

Toppbox Review May 2018

The box arrives snug in a jiffy bag, so everything is well packed and protected.

Toppbox Review May 2018

This is the menu card. It contains details about each item, plus the RRPs. I’ll include them with the individual pictures, as some of the sizes are different to those listed. 

Emu Oil Well Scalp Conditioner Toppbox Review May 2018

Emu Oil Well Scalp Conditioner. RRP £6.95.

Yes, this contains actual emu oil. I’m not sure how the oil is produced – take one large emu and squeeze? Anyway, apparently it has been used by Australian Aborigines for thousands of years, and has rather nice benefits for hair and skin. This particular product also includes shea butter, avocado oil, rosemary essential oil (which is why it should not be used in pregnancy), all of which are nourishing to the skin. This is pretty nice to use if you have a dry scalp. 

Cornerstone Post Shave Balm Toppbox Review May 2018

Cornerstone Post Shave Balm. RRP £5.

This is a more prosaic product, designed to soothe and moisturize the skin after shaving. Big C shaves part of his face, and apparently this feels good on his skin. I’ve tried it on my legs, and I can confirm it does indeed soothe. (I know it’s supposed to be for the face, but what the hell, I wanted to try it out myself.) 

Flint Plus Flint Moisturizer 3x Toppbox Review May 2018

Flint + Flint Moisturizer 3x. RRP £42.

This is a seriously rich moisturiser. It contains lots of fun stuff like Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol, which are great for protecting and hydrating. There was a marvellous Flint + Flint lip balm in the March Toppbox, and this moisturizer is similarly great. My only reservation is that I think it would be slightly more suitable for winter rather than summer. But then it’s not for me. Big C is happy enough with it!

Debonair for Men Shaping Paste Toppbox Review May 2018

Debonair for Men Shaping Paste. RRP £17.99 for 50ml. This pot is 10ml.

This is one of two possible styling products from the Debonair for Men range. The other was styling pomade, which makes me think of Victorian hair products. Big C hasn’t tried this out yet, though if it is as described – medium hold, low shine – it should suit him very nicely. It also smells very good.

Fols for Men Lime Face Wash Toppbox Review May 2018

Fols for Men Lime Face Wash. RRP £13.99. 

Well, this is very nice indeed. We’ve both been using it in the shower in the morning, and it works beautifully. It doesn’t dry the skin at all, and feels lovely and refreshing. The citrus scent is extremely mild, which I actually prefer. An excellent product.

Mitchell and Peach English Leaf Shower Wash Toppbox Review May 2018

Mitchell and Peach English Leaf Shower Wash. RRP £8 for 50ml, £25 for 250ml.

I love the smell of this shower wash! As it’s only a small bottle I’m not using it, because Big C loves it too. There has to be at least a couple of things I don’t pinch. 


Well, another excellent selection of skincare products this month. My favourite is the facewash, and Big C’s is the shower gel.

The one item that I think isn’t quite right is the moisturizer. It’s excellent, but I think this is a bit more of a winter product for when your skin is getting a battering from the cold and damp. I would really like to see a moisturizer with SPF included in this box, because the weather is getting ever warmer and sun protection is essential.

One of the best things about Toppbox is the wonderful variety. Big C loves trying out all the products, and a couple (such as the perfume and soap from last month’s box) will be purchased again. It’s a great way of discovering new brands, and there is an emphasis on cruelty free and natural products.

The value is excellent. The box costs less than £24 including P&P, and the value of the products is well above this. Not all the items are full-size but nonetheless you are getting a great deal of bang for your buck.

This is a gentleman’s grooming box, but most things are eminently suitable for ‘borrowing’ by ladies! I’m certainly enjoying these products as much as Big C, so everyone’s happy!

Toppbox Review May 2018

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