Christmas Cards from Letterbox Lab! – Sneak Preview

Would you like to send out the coolest Christmas cards ever this year? And would you like your kids to enjoy some awesome science projects?

As you may know, Letterbox Lab creates wonderful science experiment kits for kids to do at home. You can see some of the ones we did here.

Well, they’ve come up with something new, and it’s really exciting – making Christmas cards with science!

They’re funding it through Kickstarter, and Little C and I have been lucky enough to play with a couple of the prototype designs. Let’s take a look!

Letterbox Lab Christmas Cards

We’ve been sent two of the four designs, Save Santa and Rainbow Christmas.

Letterbox Lab Christmas Cards

Rainbow Christmas has a little bow on the front to open the present. I wonder what’s inside?

Letterbox Lab Christmas Cards

It’s definitely something amazing.

Letterbox Lab Christmas Cards

This is what you see when you look through the present – rainbows! Aren’t they beautiful?

Want to know the secret? It’s called diffraction grating, and it also features in one of the Letterbox Lab kits. Whatever light you look at turns into beautiful rainbows. Magical!

The next card is also cool.

Letterbox Lab Christmas Cards

Press down to free Santa from the chimney! 

Letterbox Lab Christmas Cards

Of course Little C needed to find out how it worked! It uses hydraulics to move Santa up and down.

This one was rather hypnotic, we spent a long time playing with it.

As these cards are prototypes they came already assembled. The kits themselves will have everything needed for children to create and assemble the cards themselves.

They will be making incredibly cool cards and learning at the same time!

We both thought these cards were simply wonderful, and Little C is dying to get her hands on the proper kits so she can make them herself.

(OK, I admit it, I really want to have a go at making them too.)

What a splendid way to combine learning, fun, and Christmas. And think how impressed your family and friends would be to receive amazing cards like these made by your children.

Head over to Kickstarter, see the full campaign, and support this fantastic project! 

STEM into Christmas with these amazing science-based Christmas cards from Letterbox Lab! Check them out on Kickstarter now!

Huge thanks to Letterbox Lab, and STEM into Christmas!